Creating and Maintaining a Culture of CLASS® 

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28 octobre | 10h30 | Durée 75 min

Cette conférence est sous-titrée en français.

Description of workshop:

Individuals who attend this workshop will learn how to create a culture of CLASS® that can persist over time. The presenter will describe strategies for creating educator buy-in and overcoming resistance from staff. Through this interactive session, the presenter and participants will explore effective ways to introduce CLASS®.

Topics to be discussed include:

Helping educators understand that the CLASS® is not just something else they have to do, but rather a framework that supports their existing practice; Increasing educators’ knowledge of CLASS®; Strategies educators can use to embed CLASS-based interactions into their daily activities and routines with children.

Through hands-on activities and discussion of video examples, individuals will leave this session with a greater understanding on how to make CLASS® “work” in their own settings.

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Sarah Hadden

Ph.D., Senior Advisor Research and Professional Services, Teachstone

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